Project NameSpirit

Project addressIsle of Capri

  • Gold CoastSurfers Paradise
Property Type
Complete Time
Property Detail
3 Bedroom 2 Dining Room 2 Bathroom & 2Bedroom 2 Dining Room 2 Bathroom房 & 1Bedroom 2 Dining Room 2 Bathroom
Property Size
67.5 - 1,192.1 m2
Property price
$ 785,000 - $ 33,880,000
Property Number

Today, SPIRIT, the world's most watched high-altitude in Gold Coast Australia, has not only brought unprecedented splendor to the fantastic landscape feast, but also represented the world's most high-end luxury lifestyle on the coast. Fuhua glory SPIRIT set multiple investment advantages, proud of Surfers Paradise bustling commercial center, the status of strength no addition, enjoy world-class seats, global investment hot spots, the world's real estate home first. Once owned, regardless of investment, home, vacation, or for the next generation of study tours are forward-looking global asset allocation decisions

  1. Sporot rises to the heart of the Gold Coast and will highlight the stunning beauty of the Gold Coast with landmark style and will lead the way for the future development of the area with 89 floors and 303 meters.
  2. Set international boutique hotel, high-end hotel-style apartment, bringing together the world's dining, high-end shopping business, for the world's top billionaires to build overlooking the world luxury high-definition private life scenes. More hired international top property management company on the operation and management of apartments to meet people's increasingly international life.
  3. The ring-shaped architectural design presents a spatial pattern of internal arcs in the outer circle of each floor, extensive use of transparent spaces of glass curtains to ensure that each unit has a large field of vision, so that the sun and sea view at a glance.
  4. For the owners to create a sample of international coast luxury:
  • Coast Star Leisure Club
  • Top fitness and fitness center
  • Infinity sea overlooking the pool
  • Luxury boutique SPA
  • High-end leisure and entertainment center
  • Genting Private Dining Room
  • VIP private exclusive pool
  • Multifunctional boardroom
  • French wine cigar room
  • Super sense of private shadow coffee
  • Heaven's Hall KTV
  • Coastline landscape cafe
  • Haoyue Terrace Lounge
  • Global famous flagship store
Floor Plan